Thursday, 10 April 2014

Preparing a cake pan: Greasing and flouring

One way to prepare a cake pan is by greasing and flouring. This is a very important step in baking because it ensures that your cake does not stick to the sides and bottom of the pan, when your cake does not stick it will make it easy to get the cake out.
When a recipe says your cake pan should be greased and floured, please do so even if your cake pan is non-stick, I learnt the hard way. Here are a few steps to greasing and flouring a cake pan.

Decide on the greasing agent you want to use. You can grease your pan with margarine, shortening, butter or vegetable oil. Usually I use the same ingredient I used for the cake, for example, if i used margarine for the cake, I grease the pan with margarine. If I use oil for a cake, I grease the pan with the same oil.

Get flour for the dusting. You can use cocoa powder to dust your pan for a chocolate cake.

Spread your greasing agent over the interior of the pan being careful to cover every inch of it. You can do this using a brush or your fingers. It does not have to be a thick coat.

Add 2 table spoons of flour in the cake pan, lift up the pan and tap it gently on the side to spread the flour, tilt the pan and tap gently to spread the flour to the sides. Invert the pan and tap lightly at the bottom so any loose flour will fall off.

Your pan is ready for use.

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