Thursday, 15 May 2014

Unripe Plantain porridge

Being the Ikom woman that I am, it is no wonder that I love love love plantains. I can eat them in any form, fried, roasted, boiled, you name it. Not only do they taste good, they are nutritious too. They contain calcium, iron, phosphorous, magnesium, selenium and zinc.
They are loaded with the antioxidants alpha- and beta-carotene. Research shows that leucocyanidin in unripe plantains could protect against the formation of ulcer. This is one food everyone should be eating.

Today we are going to prepare unripe plantain porridge. Yes, unripe. Many people I know prefer the ripe ones. But  the unripe ones are quite tasty when prepared properly. Let's get cooking!

12 medium size unripe plantain
500g cow head
1/2 cup palm oil
2 medium bulbs onions
4 scotch bonnet or habanero
3 stock cubes
2 leaves Utazi
1/4 cup crayfish
Salt to taste

Season the cow head and cook until soft.

Peel the plantain and wash. Lightly scrape the back of the peeled plantain before cutting. The scrapings and the cut plantain should be put in the same pot.

Pound the crayfish, pepper and onions together. Put the crayfish mix into the pot with the plantain. 

Put the pot on fire and add enough water to just cover the plantain. You can use the meat stock.

Add cow head, palm oil, stock cubes and salt. Cook for about 15 to 20 minutes, stirring occationally or until the plantain is soft. Just before turning off the heat, add the utazi leaves and stir.

You can use Spinach, Ugwu or scent leaf instead of Utazi. The amount used will depend on personal preference.


  1. wow! so great. Just wish i could try this recipe but God help me cost am d best cook in town, i mean bad cook.

  2. Thanks, Raphael. I'm sure you are not as bad as you think. Do let us know how it turns out when you try it.