Thursday, 2 October 2014

How to wash bitter leaf

I am grateful I learnt how to wash bitter leaf when I was growing up. I used to think it was punishment, but now I know better, no knowledge is a waste. I have some growing in my compound now, and it does not make sense to buy from the market when I can just wash the one I have at home and use. When I found myself giving bitter leaf washing tips to some friends, I decided to do this post. I hope it will be of help to someone.

Things needed

Pestle and Mortar
A little salt


Cut the bitter leaf from the stem. Wash properly.

Pound it in a mortar. I like mine properly pounded. 

Sprinkle a little salt. Begin to work the leaves between your palms in circular motion, it will start foaming.

Squeeze the leaves between your palms to release the liquid. Add some water to the leaves, rub between your palms for about a minute, squeeze to release the water, keep the leaves aside and repeat until there are no more leaves in the water. Throw the water away and repeat the process. Wash to your desired taste. I wash mine many times because I don't like mine bitter. The end result is based on personal preference. Some people like it very bitter, some just a little bit and some no bitter taste at all.
I wash a large batch and freeze so I don"t have to wash every time I need.


  1. Thanks...I am learning how to cook some Nigerian dishes....this was very helpful

  2. Thank you, Anon. I'm glad to know you found this helpful. Thanks for the feedback. Welcome to the blog.