Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Beetroot and carrot juice

Beetroot and carrots are known for their many health benefits. The first time I heard they could be combined to make a juice was years ago in one of the antenatal classes I attended. The nutritionist was giving us alternatives to soda and other sugary drinks. I didn't pay much attention then until I watched a TV show where beetroot's cancer fighting properties were being discussed, it was quite enlightening. I started getting more curious and learning more about beetroot's health benefits.

Today being World Cancer Day, I thought it appropriate to share this highly beneficial drink. Remember, you are what you eat. We can reduce our risk of cancer by eating right.

The natural sweetness of the carrots makes this juice slightly sweet. It is a refreshing tonic which cleanses the system.

2 medium sized beetroots
8 medium sized carrots
750ml water

This made 2 glasses.

Scrape and wash the beetroot and carrots. Cut them up and place in a blender.

Pour in water and blend until smooth, strain with a fine sieve.

Serve and enjoy like that or refrigerate before drinking.


  1.  My kids didn't like the above juice, they said it smelled funny. In order to get them to take some, I added cucumber to my next blend, added some vanilla flavour and sweetened it with a little honey. It made a big difference because that got them drinking!

  1. When the first juice is extracted, more water can still be added and more juice extracted from the pulp ( it will not not be as concentrated as the first though). 


  1. Ah, sounds very healthy, looks delicious but I know better. Thanks for this, we really are what we eat.

  2. I am so glad to find this wonderful Beetroot Juice Recipe. It is looking very yummy and the texture is superb. I take Green drink every day and would like to add Beetroot too in it. Thanks for this great share!

    1. You're welcome, Larry. Thanks for visiting the blog.

  3. This is so lovely post on Beetroot and carrot juice. I have tried carrot juice various times. I use Beetroots in my Green energy drinks but haven’t tried it alone. It makes my green drink quite colorful and tastier. Anyway, thanks for this recipe.

    1. Thank you, Eli. Thanks for stopping by. Beets have such a rich colour.