Thursday, 12 March 2015

Fruit salad

Fresh fruits are important for a balanced diet. Eating an array of fruits is more beneficial than eating only a particular fruit, one way of taking different fruits at once is by making a mixed fruit salad. Whatever fruits are available to you can be mixed to make a salad.
My fruit salad was made with fruits that I happened to have at home. My mother brought some mangoes and strawberries for us when she came visiting, I was so happy, lovely Benue mangoes and delicious strawberries from Jos, yes Jos (the Jos strawberries were sweeter than the last ones I ate which were from London).

Making fruit salad is supper easy, just wash the fruits and cut them up and put them in a bowl. When using apples in your salad, it is important to stop the apples from oxidizing because brown apples don't look good in a bowl of fruit salad.

Red seedless grapes
Black seedless grapes


Wash the fruits properly and cut them to your desired size. I did not peel the skin of my mango because this specie has a nice tasting skin. If using mangoes with bitter skin, I suggest you peel the skin. Put them in a bowl, mix them up gently and serve immediately or refrigerate. 

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