Sunday, 1 March 2015

Purple cabbage salad

The rich purple colour of the purple cabbage, which is also called red cabbage, is so inviting. I couldn't resist picking up one when I went to the market some days ago. When I saw the cabbage, the first word that came to my mind was "antioxidants". Simple healthy salad on my mind.
Salads are normally health, but some salad creams can be quite unhealthy. I used homemade salad oil for the dressing because I wanted to keep this as healthy as possible.

1/2 Purple Cabbage
Mint leaves
Salad oil


Wash your hands, cutting board, knife and bowls properly before starting.

Peel the outer leaves of the cabbage. Wash the cabbage and cut thinly. Put the cut cabbage in a bowl of water with a little salt, allow to stand for three minutes. Remove from salt water, rinse and allow to drain.
Put in a bowl, add sweetcorn, mint and parsley. Mix properly and refrigerate for at least 1hr before serving. Pour some salad oil and serve. Enjoy!

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