Thursday, 16 April 2015

Ogbono soup with jute

Ogbono soup is a popular Nigerian soup made from the seeds of the African bush mango, Irvingia gabonensis. It can be cooked on its own or be paired with vegetables. One vegetable I have been using lately in my ogbono soup is Jute, I call it kring kring, Yorubas call it Ewedu.
I love the rich flavour of this vegetable. When I was younger, I used to look forward to the okra soup they cooked with jute when we went to the village, that was one of my favourite soups in the village. I have used jute in okra lots of times, but I never thought of using it in ogbono until some months ago. I liked the result, this is one combo that is here to stay.

Here's the recipe

2 cups ogbono, blended
1 big onion
3 fresh pepper, scotch bonnet or habanero
1/4 cup palm oil
Goat meat
Cow skin (kpomo)
1 stock fish head
Jute leaves
3 stock cubes


Soak stock fish in salt water to soften. Pound pepper, crayfish and onion together, set aside.Wash goat meat properly. Wash kpomo and cut to desired size. Put the meat and stock fish in a pot and season with one stock cube and some salt, allow to cook in its own water for about 3 minutes before adding water. If your  kpomo is hard, add it to the meat to cook from the onset. If it is soft, wait until the meat is almost ready before adding it.

When the meat is almost ready, put the pepper and crayfish mix, add the palm oil too. Make sure you still have enough meat stock in the pot, if not, add some water.
Put in your properly blended ogbono and allow to boil for about 10 minutes, stir regularly to avoid burning. Add the remaining stock cubes. Taste for salt. Add jute and allow to cook for a few minutes before removing from heat.

Enjoy your soup!

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