Monday, 13 March 2017

Mango Milkshake

I like it when fruits are in season because they are at their best. Mangoes are in season now, I'm so pleased because they are one of my favourite fruits. Good mangoes give me joy, lol.
There is a particular mango tree in my house that I look forward to eating every mango season. It is big and very sweet, everyone enjoys it. As we humans enjoy this mango, so do the birds. I don't like this at all because these birds don't even use church mind to eat the mangoes. Instead of eating one and finishing it, they will eat a little from each ripe one and leave. Haba, it's not fair na! Anyway, I was able to get a few ripe ones some days ago and the kids suggested we make some milkshake. The milkshake was a great idea especially because the weather has been so hot. We drank cold glasses of mango milkshake and were just merry. Here is the recipe. It is so easy.

3 cups cubed ripe mangoes
2 cups milk
Ice cubes

Put the mango, milk and ice cubes into a blender and blend until properly combined.
I didn't add sugar because the mango I used was very sweet. If your shake is too thick, add some more milk to make it lighter. 

Pour into glasses and serve.
The cub I used is the 250ml cup.
Use chilled mangoes and milk so the milkshake can be taken immediately after blending.
Don't use mangoes that have too many strands.