Monday, 18 September 2017

How to make the best coconut oil at home

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Coconut oil is one oil that I always have at home, it is so versatile. Its many medicinal properties make it a highly sought after oil. Learning to make coconut oil myself has saved me some money and spared me the headache of wondering if the oil I have bought is pure or adultrated, and whether it is topgrade.

I have been making coconut oil by myself for some years now, using it for my skin, hair and cooking. When it comes to making coconut oil, the method used is very important as the different methods of extraction do not yield the same quality of oil. Research has shown that the fermentation wet-milling process with some heat produces the coconut oil with the highest amount of antioxidants.

I prefer the smell and taste of the coconut oil this method produces to the coconut oil without heat. Let's get right to it then.

Things needed

Coconuts 20
Cheese cloth

Crack open the coconuts and gently remove the flesh. Save the water for a refreshing drink.
Wash the coconut flesh and cut into small sizes. Put the cut pieces in a blender, add some water and blend. You can take it to the mill for grinding if it's too much for your blender.
Use a cheese cloth to extract the coconut milk. 

Pour the milk in a bowl and cover overnight. By morning, the curd will separate from the water.
Gently scoop the curd into a pot or wok place on low heat and allow to boil, stir from time to time. After boiling for a while, the oil will start separating from the curd.
When it starts looking brown, the oil is ready and free of moisture. Turn off the heat and allow to cool completely. Separate the oil from the dried curd by straining it.
You have yourself fresh homemade coconut oil.
coconut oil, best coconut oil

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